Your Dog Is Family TooGive Them That Much Needed Routine Grooming On Demand

become a Groomer

Does your dog grooming ? which he can’t because your professional life allows very little time for your furry member of the brood? Don’t stress, we will give your dog the best, fun-filled groooming experience.

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Do Not Feel Guilty About Neglecting Your Pet – Give Him The Best

Our professional dog grooming will take your dog for his stroll and response to nature’s call when you are tied up in a meeting you cannot get out of. We know that you have a very hectic schedule and that is why we are always on call for you and your four-pawed member of the family that you love so desperately. Anticipate your dog’s needs and tell us about them – we will do the rest.

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    Professional,Trusted And Experienced

    Our grooming are educated, experienced and professional to the core so you can rest relaxed that your dog is in the best of hands. Our grooming are carefully vetted and we ensure that they have a natural love for animals before we let them anywhere near your dog. Trust us to trust them.

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    Convenient And Cashless

    Our dog grooming will come to your rescue whenever and wherever you require their services. We are a firm believer that each pet is special and that is why we will give your dog individual attention and love. He will be the centre of attention of our grooming. A safe and secure automated payment through your credit/debit card, you do not need to worry about cash, cheques, or tips.

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    Grooming, Running, Playing All Available For Your Special Friend

    Whether it is grooming or playing with your dog, we have, it all covered. Now there is no reason to feel guilty about neglecting your pet, because you have handed him over to us and we are the best. Stay connected to your pet via the inbuilt tracking system so that you know where your dog is at all times. Get your dog grooming with the best.


Tap the app, select a driver, get to your destination without looking back. That is what our app will do. No words are necessary when you ride with us because we know exactly what you want. Ride and save with us – luxury cannot get any cheaper.